Anonymous: You are amazing and you are worth so much. You are beautiful, you are your reason to live, your future and your heartbeat, the air that filters through your lungs, the sky's capability to change colors above your head. You can feel and taste and hear and you are a lovely human being, and someday you will see it. Keep going. The ride's not over yet, and it will be a fun one, an incredible one. You don't want to miss it. <3

This is one of the most inspirational anons I have ever gotten..
Thank you so much
My day just got 100x better bc of you, and I hope you see this message and know that you saved my life

Anonymous: Darling don't kill yourself ! You're beautiful person and someday you'll find someone who will live to the end of time :* give yourself chance... Please !

I’m trying to find reasons to stay alive but it’s hard…
Thank you for being so nice (,:

I want to _____ you.

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Anonymous: you're beautyfull xx

Wowowwowoow thank you so much :D
You’re so sweet!!