andloveandyouandme: Hello, beautiful miss! I like your blog, I hope you will be less sad and more smile, cause you have an amazing smile, I'm sure about it!!! Your another friend in this sad world. P.S. Where are you from? :)

I’m from the u.s.

theprincekurlozmakara: Hello friend, are you feeling sad today?

Always feeling sad really…

Anonymous: you are so pretty and wonderful i hope you dont hurt yourself too bad or let yourself down too bad because believe me you dont deserve it and if you do i know you can make it someday ily


Selfie? Maybe? 
I fucking want to slit my wrists

Anonymous: hey babe , stumbled onto your tumblr (get it?) anyways , you're cute . okay back to tumblr

<33333 xxoxox

Anonymous: are you single

nuuu sorry 

i currently have a bae <3